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Terry Larder, Dip.KA, AKFRP (Hons), MNNA became a natural healthcare practitioner in 1981 and has used kinesiology and naturopathy in her practice since 1987. She is an honorary member of the Kinesiology Federation, a member of the Kinesiology Association, and a member of the Naturopathic Nutrition Association.

She has been lecturing in Kinesiology at colleges of further education since 1986 and founded the Classical Kinesiology Institute (formerly the Middle England School of Kinesiology) in 1990. She is a qualified teacher in adult education. For 10 years Terry was a member of the executive committee and a former chair of the Kinesiology Federation. She has been featured on breakfast television, in the national press and has lectured in the USA, Russia and Japan.

Although she claims to be semi-retired, she runs postgraduate courses at the Kinesiology Centre in Leicester (Classical KinesiologyInstitute) and she has a clinic there.

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