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Toxic and Tired? -Emotional and Mental Factors in Disease

Happened on 14 September 2019

Tutor: Pauline A. Noakes

Venue: Brent Knoll, Somerset

Cost: 135 - 60 reserves your place

To book please contact Pauline directly on inh21214@btinternet.com

We are all aware of the effect of stress onour health. Doctors use the term'stress' as the diagnosis of many of today's ills.

But it's not only worrying about thekids, the job, paying the bills, meeting the deadlines, etc. that shouldconcern us. It's also the years ofbacked-up emotional pain that have come from the school of life. This is the bereavements, losses of friendsand family, the bullying at school or in past relationships (and now over the internet!), the lack of proper parenting, the breakdown of community, the low self-worth issues, the what-we-perceive-as-failures in our lives.

For the over-70's, they have wartime trauma backlogged as well. The armed forces and security services have witnessed, and been involved in, terrible situations.

Families are spread far apart, many children have no effective father-figure in their lives and, sometimes, do not know whotheir father is. They grow up looking for love and attention.Emotional scars such as these can take a terrible toll on our health. They paralyse the proper function of organs, systems and glands.

Many practitioners find this aspect of treatment the most difficult. Yet identifying the emotional factors in disease is the key to releasing the toxins stored in the body.

In this workshop,you will learn:

  • What factors needto be checked on every client
  • Easy ways toidentify the emotional factors for the client
  • Effective ways ofaddressing these factors
  • Appropriatenutritional support to help the body "mop up" the toxins and repair itself
  • Putting it alltogether to produce the results that most benefit your client.

7 hrs CPD for NNA members