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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Test Vials

Happened on 1 November 2019

What people say about this 2 - day course held at CKI, Leicester :

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"Thank you for another wonderful two days of training! Thank you for for sharing your knowledge so passionately, clearly and energetically. I don't know how you do it!! X Anna" (May 2015)

"Thank you so much for an excellent weekend. I really enjoyed the course and have taken so much back from it that I can use in my work. I hadn't really thought about what to expect from the weekend, but it was so comprehensive and packed full of useful information that could be used by any Kinesiologist. I spent most of yesterday going through my notes making sure I could remember everything!" - Shirley (May 2015)

"Many thanks for a lovely couple of days. I really enjoyed it as you made it quite comprehensible. I will incorporate it with what I know. " Janet (May 2015)"

"Having used some test vials in my practice for the previous 5 years, I was initially unsure about what I might gain by attending Terry's course. However, the course information doesn't really do it justice, as this is everything you ever wanted to know about test vials, and has given me greater confidence and creativity in using them in my practice. Highlights for me were: using some test vials I had never heard of before to identify the most effective support for a client; using vials to discover how imbalances link together and establishing the underlying cause; using vials to locate the site of a problem; how to make sure test vials are working reliably for a client; using vials to facilitate deeper assessment and corrections; and finally, how enjoyable the course was! For anyone who simply uses vials to check for nutritional imbalances and food sensitivities, this course is an eye-opener!" Chris Halls, Homoeopath and Kinesiologist (December 2015)

"A massive thank you once again for the test vial course, it was amazing! I went through my notes again today and am in awe at how much I've learned, we were given such a wealth of information and so many useful techniques and finger modes. Can't wait to practise now. So much more than I had expected and easy to follow (just some of the biochemical stuff went a bit over my head). Some more gaps in my knowledge filled in." Sabine Humphreys-Weinz (March 2017)